Training in Aerial Robotics launched in the Sakhalin region for competitors from Asian countries

The Skills Camp 2021, international training launched by WorldSkills Russia, has started offering training in Aerial Robotics skill. 

Training is carried by experts of a skill partner company, COEX: Svetlana Solomatnikova, Timofey Kondratiev, Elena Seliverstova, and Tatiana Karpova.

The Skill Management Centre is located in the Sakhalin region at the Kvantorium children's technology park, which has all the necessary equipment, including for online events. Competitors and experts from Azerbaijan, Barbados, Canada, China, Egypt, Ghana, India, Kazakhstan, Malaysia, Mongolia, Panama, Russia, Saudi Arabia, South Korea, and Turkey are participating in the training. Participants from the United States have also joined the training. The Sakhalin region is represented by four competitors and Artur Berendyaev, an expert.

Alina Doskanova, WorldSkills Russia Deputy Director General for International Relations and WorldSkills Asia Board member, has made a welcoming speech during the Opening Ceremony: “The Aerial Robotics skill training has been organized in cooperation with WorldSkills Asia and COEX, as well as with the support of the Sakhalin region, which is part of the Asia-Pacific region. Sakhalin has vast experience in skills development, and we are very pleased that the region is hosting an international event participated by so many countries. We have an opportunity to train competitors and experts not only for existing but also for the future labour markets. COEX has developed a digital platform especially for this training, while Worldskills Russia jointly with its educational partners has provided technical infrastructure at the training sites. We are glad that you have joined our learning ecosystem today.”

Competitors will have to programme an autonomous flight of a quadcopter to detect and monitor forest fires. At the end of the training, all participants will be awarded certificates.