Multilateral cooperation

WorldSkills Russia represents the country in international organizations like WorldSkills International, WorldSkills Europe and WorldSkills Asia to ensure the best international standards are shared and the best practices and initiatives in Russia are scaled

WorldSkills Russia cooperates with international organizations such as the UN, UNESCO, the World Bank, the OECD, the EAEU, the BRICS Business Council and other partners to implement projects related to the global development of professional skills and to train highly skilled personnel.

Within the framework of partnership with the BRICS Business Council, WorldSkills Russia is a member of the Skills Development Working Group, which has been organizing and holding the BRICS Future Skills Challenge competitions since 2017.

While holding BRICS Future Skills Challenge international competitions, BRICS member states strive to identify and develop future skills and do some networking on a global scale in the sphere of professional education and the development of technology. While Russia was chairing the BRICS in 2020, WorldSkills Russia held the BRICS Future Skills Challenge competition in a new online/onsite format, the concept of which had been developed in cooperation with the member states.


BRICS Future Skills Challenge in a distant format

Within the framework of cooperation with WorldSkills Eurasia, WorldSkills Russia develops the WorldSkills movement in the SCO and CIS states jointly with its partner states. Current activities include the development of practice-oriented education programmes, the elaboration of systematic and precise solutions for the development of applied skills and personnel, the arranging and holding of joint professional excellence competitions and practice sessions with assessment procedures based on WorldSkills standards. In 2020, the first Remote Eurasian Competition was held featuring the training of experts, masters of vocational training and teachers, a series of joint events on the development of professional skills and the ranking of Eurasia within the framework of the 8th WorldSkills Russia National Competition for participants from Eurasian countries.


WorldSkills Russia became a member of WorldSkills Asia

In 2020, WorldSkills Russia entered WorldSkills Asia, and, starting 2021, systematic work with the Asia Pacific and ASEAN countries started regarding the development of human assets and the elimination of any gap between the requirements of employers and the skills of the specialists.

WorldSkills Russia assists the countries in the development of the WorldSkills movement, applied skills and the independent assessment and acknowledgement of skills. Such work is performed in the following areas:

  • Development of the WorldSkills movement within WorldSkills member states and the countries planning to join the movement: assistance in building a complex system of professional excellence competitions, development and implementation of new competition formats, formation of an expert community and professional national team.
  • Development of vocational education and applied skills systems: compilation of vocational training programmes using the WorldSkills methodology, creation of educational infrastructure and the creation of a network of international Skills Centres for mass education.
  • Network acceleration of new technologies and skills for developing economies: development of process regulations and standards for new skills, the development of Future Skills and digital skills.
  • Implementation of the skills passport initiative: assistance in the development of employment and labour efficiency in member states using WorldSkills tools, elimination of obstacles in the job market and the assessment of the quality with which skills are developing.
  • Digital transformation: the creation of digital platforms and solutions for competitions, practice, education and independent assessment in an online/onsite format.
  • An integrated and systematic approach facilitates international recognition of Russian practices and technologies and confirms the status of WorldSkills Russia as a Russian institute that has become a leader in the creation of new global standards in the international WorldSkills movement.