The Kazan Declaration

One of the outcomes of the 45th world competition in Kazan was the Kazan declaration proposed by WorldSkills Russia and supported by the General Assembly of WorldSkills International. 

This initiative aims at several objectives: the exchange of best practices between member-states, the elaboration of recommendations on spreading best practices in this sphere and the development of recommendations on improving national skill-assessment systems.


basic human-centred principles

One of the key consequences of progress is, however, - the HR imbalance. Therefore, the ideas of a human-oriented approach to the professional skills offered in the declaration are relevant for most member-states encountering a growing imbalance in job markets and losses in productivity.

The Kazan Declaration includes 5 basic human-centred principles:

  • Future Skills for everyone. Every person gets a basic set of skills required for work under uncertain conditions and rapid changes in the job market, which includes basic and cognitive skills, social, cultural, green and digital skills.
  • Conscious Development. Each individual's professional development follows a unique, personal path throughout his/her life.
  • Equal and fair opportunities. Information on vacancies and educational opportunities within an employee's region is easily accessible outside this region as well, while employment is possible based on skills and real-life experience regardless of formal education, life situation, physical state or social status.
  • Skill mobility. Workforce mobility within the framework of the formats specified by law and flexible formats of work/training and/or remote/virtual employment are accessible for every person regardless of location.
  • Acknowledgement of values and respect for the individual. The workplace and labour conditions provide opportunities for the self-fulfilment and professional development of each employee regardless of his/her values or beliefs, with due respect for the values of sustainable development.