WorldSkills Kazan 2019 Conference Programme

Within the framework of the 45th international professional excellence competition WorldSkills Kazan 2019, an international conference was held that became a platform for studying economic, social and technological tendencies and the elaboration of solutions for the development of educational systems and professional skills and the transformation of the job market.


Sessions were held within the Conference Programme

More than 30 topical sessions were held during the conference, where representatives of the state authorities, businesses and educational institutions, researchers, industrial partners and international experts in the sphere of futurology, risk engineering, education, the green economy, digitisation and automation from 80 countries gathered along with the young professionals. The international experts discussed the important changes that are occurring now, mainly the processes involved in the transformation of the world economy in general and in the job market in particular. The conference was divided into three main tracks: changes in technology and the economy, changes in society and changes in environmental processes. It included discussions on how these three spheres can affect approaches to the system of skills development.