National team

The National team, is a team of young specialists representing Russia at international professional excellence competitions — international WorldSkills Competitions, European EuroSkills Competitions and Skills Asia Competitions

The team is formed for each skill competition from the extended group of competitors, including the finalists of the WorldSkills Russia National Competition or dedicated qualifying events.

Over the 7 years of Russia's participation in the WorldSkills international movement, the country's national team made a breakthrough in its development, having risen from last place in the WorldSkills Leipzig 2013 international professional excellence competition in Germany to first place in the EuroSkills Budapest 2018 Competition and the second place in the team rating in WorldSkills Kazan 2019 World Competition.

The next international professional excellence competition will take place in Shanghai, China in 2024, and, in 2023, Saint Petersburg, Russia, will host its first European Competition.