Future Skills

Future Skills is a strategic initiative of WorldSkills Russia developed for the training of specialists in the professions that are highly likely to be in demand in the future job market.

Such developments are caused by global changes in the fields of technology and manufacturing. 

Demand for professions in this sphere is growing every year, therefore, the development of skills on a large scale will become a challenge for the education system and industry in the nearest future. The Future Skills module - is dedicated to the proactive development of skills for high-tech production in a transforming economy.  


The initiative was first tested in Russia within the framework of WorldSkills Hi-Tech 

By 2019 it had already received support and acknowledgement from the international community at the WorldSkills Kazan 2019 international Competition.

Since 2015, WorldSkills Russia has been conducting vital research on cultivating personnel in the professions covered by Future Skills and testing new skills by arranging competitions involving innovative formats and the development of educational programmes based on WorldSkills standards with broader international recognition as a goal.

WorldSkills Russia - is a laboratory of Future Skills with a full cycle of development - from research and forming of a skill profile, which is tested and updated during Skills Competitions, up to the incorporation of the skill profile into short educational programmes and the further training of professionals and experts. 

The research is being carried out jointly with Russian and international experts in either a foresight session or a project session format. These sessions include discussions on what the future will look like, the skills and professions that will be demanded by specialists and the possible changes in existing professions. The experts are selected from among corporations, IT companies and suppliers of process equipment.

One of the global missions of Future Skills research is to identify the technological and social trends that have the highest impact on the job market in the context of the digital economy. The most important part of the Future Skills workflow is the practical aspect. The uniqueness of the WorldSkills Russia approach is that WorldSkills Russia tests its research results in competitions and training.

Support and development of the Future Skills initiative enable the best practices in the proactive development of skills to be implemented into the national education systems of partner countries and, thus, prepare highly skilled human resources for economies and industries in transformation.

Future Skills Camp – is a series of short, collaborative, practice-oriented training programmes that allow participants from all over the world to expand their professional skills and then apply them to new emerging sectors.