Khabarovsk – an international centre for skills development

The first stage of the Marathon for Best Practices featuring APR and CIS countries has ended in Khabarovsk. The event is being held in a hybrid format (14 March through 1 April) on the initiative of the Khabarovsk Krai Institute for Development of Education with support from the Skills Development Agency.

Khabarovsk is a supportive region for Russia’s interaction with APR countries. Since 2016, it has had a wealth of experience in holding international tests and open championships in vocational skills for APR countries. The Khabarovsk Krai Institute for Development of Education acts as the host for the Marathon in the region. Competitors and experts connect to the event at multiple locations of educational and industrial partner organizations.

170 specialists from six countries take part in the activities under eight directions.

The Marathon acts as a platform for cooperation in education, science and technology, and culture; sharing skills and best practices in testing technologies; improvement of digital learning. On top of that, it contributes to strengthening the partnership network of national agencies for skills development in the Asian vector; forming strong relationship based on mutual interests; increasing the capacity of international skills development centres as platforms for strategic partnerships; increasing the attractiveness of Khabarovsk for international academic exchanges. The Marathon also constitutes one of the stages of preparation for the international competitions which will take place in 2023 as part of the Skills Development Agency National Competition in Khabarovsk. Over 1,000 competitors from 30 countries are scheduled to participate.