Statement of WorldSkills Russia in response to resolutions of WorldSkills International and WorldSkills Europe

Management of WorldSkills International and WorldSkills Europe has adopted a series of resolutions due to the recent international situation. Thus, membership of WorldSkills Russia in the said organisations, as well as participation in skill competitions, projects and events abroad are temporary suspended. At the same time, the WorldSkills Russia's activity in the territory of the country will continue with no changes. 

EuroSkills Competition 2023 will be moved from St. Petersburg to another European city. WorldSkills Russia National Team will not participate in the WorldSkills Shanghai 2022 and EuroSkills 2023.

For 10 years of participation in the WorldSkills Russia activities, thanks to the efforts of millions of citizens, we have become an efficient tool of professional self-realisation for the people of Russia (currently — 259 highly employable skills): we have learnt how to both adopt and create expertly and quickly the most up-to-date technologies in management, production, education. This is proved by stable top results of the Russian National Team at the international competitions: I place in EuroSkills Graz 2021 and II place in WorldSkills Kazan 2019.

But our main result is more than 730 thousand Russians who have mastered new, highly demanded occupations, and the expert community — passionate professionals, participants of the movement who can impart their skills. Most of them actively work in the advanced industries of economy and use their unique experience creating a highly competitive product and increasing the workforce productivity. All this activity of the WorldSkills Russia will both remain a powerful tool of professional self-realisation for the people of Russia and become even more preferable for the organisation under new operating conditions. A unique (fast and efficient) school of skills transmission for employment of hundred thousands and millions of Russians will preserve and work for the sake of human potential development. This is the WorldSkills Russia's principal mission. 

WorldSkills Russia hereby expresses its gratitude for numerous personal words of encouragement addressed to the movement in Russia that we receive now from many partners and colleagues of ours, including foreign ones.