WorldSkills Russia and WorldSkills UK have signed a partnership agreement

Today, on July 7, 2021, WorldSkills Russia and WorldSkills UK signed a partnership agreement, the purpose of which is to improve skills and develop human resources to raise standards in the field of technical and vocational education.

Bilateral cooperation will allow organizations to gain mutual access to partner networks: practitioners, teachers, industrial partners, experts, and young professionals, for the subsequent exchange of best practices and development of innovations in the personnel training system.

“Over the years, WorldSkills Russia has created a large-scale network of experts and partners, whose best practices and means we are now happy to share with our foreign colleagues. Cooperation between WorldSkills Russia and WorldSkills UK will become an interaction between the two parties and a partnership of the networks that stand behind our organizations. We expect that our cooperation will be fruitful and applied, as a result of which we will be able to qualitatively improve our national training systems.”– said Robert Urazov, Director General of WorldSkills Russia.

Within the framework of the agreement, work will be carried out in the following key areas: developing innovations in the field of teaching, training, and assessment; conducting a comparative analysis of personnel, organizations, systems, and practices at the global level; organizing joint research projects, as well as increasing the prestige of vocational education, its economic and social significance with an emphasis on diversity and inclusiveness.

To achieve the stated goals, the parties developed a roadmap involving mutual participation in training programmes, joint training programmes, competitions, and training; exchange and comparison of ideas, practices, and methods for updating best practices; cooperation between partner networks of vocational education organizations; providing opportunities for presentations at forums, summits, conferences and exhibitions organized by the parties, and other events that contribute to the development and strengthening of networking, capacity-building at the national and global levels.

“We are delighted to be working with Russia on this exciting new partnership. WorldSkills standards have been central to the reform of TVET in Russia, informing assessments, qualifications and training for educators and the wider workforce.  This has seen the best international practices being used to raise standards and also generate energy and enthusiasm for the reforms.  We look forward to working together as we continue with our work with governments and educators to embed WorldSkills standards into UK skill systems to support young people to develop the high-quality skills needed by employers now and in the future.”– says Dr Neil Bentley-Gockmann OBE, Chief Executive, WorldSkills UK.